Interview with interior designer Nancy Geernaert

Interior design | 21. 11. 2015 0

Founder of the Just'in Home Design interior design agency in 2008, Nancy Geernaert has been working with Ma's materials for several years. Her work has a warm, contemporary feel, and makes extensive use of natural, high-quality materials. An approach to decoration and design shared by Marius Aurenti.


What inspired you to start using Ma's waxed concrete?

N.G.: I've been working with Marius Aurenti waxed concrete since the very first project in which I used this type of coating, back in 2010. My aim was to create a modern yet timeless atmosphere, stylish and a bit unconventional. In my opinion waxed concrete is one of the few products that can bring that special touch to a project.





What are the main advantages of Ma's waxed concrete?

N.G.: I like the fact that it's equally suitable for use on floors and walls - and even for showers and worktops. It brings a real feeling of harmony to a home. Marius Aurenti also has a range of paints in the same colours as the waxed concrete, which enables a subtle handling of colour choices without having to consult numerous colour charts.


What materials do you particularly enjoy using?

N.G.: Other than waxed concrete, which I use in numerous shades of grey, I have a soft spot for the matt lacquer paint in White Pepper. It's a light grey that matches well with all woods, and which I use in almost all my projects.

Marius Aurenti - Unrivalled colour precision in waxed concrete

21. 11. 2015 0

Smooth finish Mortar continues to push the boundaries with the use of Blush technology.

Ma's guarantees a colour precision of Delta E < 1 for 24 key colours in the range. An unrivalled precision in the powder pigmentation domain. The 33 complimentary colours are guaranteed to Delta E < 1.5.

This colorimetric measurement takes three parameters into account: colour, saturation and brightness.

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