ELUMINO AVES curtain fabric

Brand:Creation Baumann
Country of origin:Switzerland
Dimensions:130cm x 300cm
Weight:167 g/m²
Certified installer:

GC Design

Where to buy:

+420 724 782 351

ELUMINO AVES by the Swiss company Creation Baumann is a Red dot award winning product


Softly shimmering metal weave which can be sculpted. Strip conductors and LED elements which are integrated within the embroidery generate a geometric pattern in the bottom third of the fabric with dimmable light dots.


  • Material: 57% Polyester / 41% Metal / 2% Different material (wood, paper, feathers etc.)
  • Colours: eLumino Aves is available in white, an elegant grey and a warm brown tone. It combines well with the uni palette from Aves.
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